What I’ve been doing this week

David and FoFo are in London performing in La Soirée so I went to see them perform at the Southbank. They are ace and the show is a great classic cabaret show.

At the start of the week I went to the Magic Circle HQ to met legendary Yo-Yo profesional Don Robertson. It was fantastic to finally have the chance to interview Don and ask him to fill in some of the gaps which I have in my research on Lumar Yo-Yos, Art Pickels and Mark Robertson.

My hand has healed and I was back to training and managed to I break my 6 ball record, now at 242 throws.

I went to see The Great Spavaldos at Jacksons Lane which I really enjoyed and makes me want to try Oculus more than ever.

And now I’m supposed to be learning my lines for a performance of a heavily reworked version of Down-Up for Ausform.

Coffee shops visited since the last post: Esters (obviously), Yellow WarblerKaffineCoffee CuratorsMilk Bar.

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