Last week I managed to burn my left hand so I’ve been out of juggling for a week and probably a few more days to go. #sadface.

In the mean time I’ve been catching up with random admin, going for runs and the occasional coffee*.

Last Friday I saw John. I loved the staging but it was the mix of text and movement which were particularly inspiring. Somehow DV8 seem to balance between being understandable and yet not too literal, a criticism I’m aware of in my own work. I think the first work of DV8 I became aware of was The Cost of Living.John_poster_notitle_v2

While the structure of John was a little uneven I thought the rhythm and transitions between humour and darkness were impressive, something for me to think about in Down-Up. Indeed after seeing John I was thinking lots about how I could steal some of the ideas into my work. I think that’s a sign of a good piece of art, something that fires you up and makes you question your own work.

Can we talk about this? by DV8 is still one of my all time favourite performances, I guess the subject matter is particularly close to some of my own questions and opinions so perhaps it was inevitable it would stick in my mind so firmly. It seems DV8 has an approach and style that I really connect with and John is another show which I suspect will stick in my memory. Go see it.

I also found this blog post about the creation process for John which I enjoyed. Here are a couple of exstracts:

“Our rehearsal process for JOHN was meticulously detailed and required a level of mental and physical stamina that few performers can handle. We put the ‘finished’ edits of the interview audio recordings onto iPods and the dancers then repeat the words they hear back in real time as they improvise or complete physical tasks in order to generate material.”

“The process allows detail to be found in the tiniest of movements and to ensure nothing is missed, everything is filmed; from the sparks of ideas in workshops right through to performances 10 months later. For this project to date we have over 500 video clips which we continue to refer to. Lloyd very rarely takes more than a few seconds of an idea from the video footage but it might be a gesture, a particular line delivery or an interaction between 2 performers that ignites the concept for a scene.”

I’ve also spent a fair amount of time watching high technique juggling videos. Here’s an fan video:

All for now…

*This week I revistied Craving Coffee, Yellow Warbler as well as exploring Saint Espresso, all great cafes. And obviously my local, Esters – which still wins out.

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