Back early

I’ve ended up coming home a few weeks early from China (that’s a whole story in itself) so I’m using the time to catch-up on bits.

I need to keep running, currently running a bit slow but managing to keep my knee and back happy so can’t be to displeased with times. Hopefully I’ll be back to a good fitness level by christmas.

I’ve found training juggling consistently this year difficult, lack of motivation and space have been problematic but for the last couple of months I’ve been back on task. Working on longer runs of 6 balls to hopefully help my crawling pace of progression with 7. Also thinking about clubs again as I’ll need to be on task with Project_Vee not in the too distant future. Must keep it up.

Down-Up gets another outing in a few weeks, so I need to make the structural changes to that and add in the new material.

Also just agreed to do ‘Popular Lies* About Circus‘ at a scratch night in the ‘National Centre‘, so I need to relearn and work that, only 5 mins so shouldn’t be too much.

Next year is already starting to fill up, starting the year with a Smashed trip to Istanbul and then into a mega UK <Beta_Testing> tour, which I’m super excited about, it’s been an ambition of mine for a while so getting the funding to make it happen was a highlight, thanks to Lauren at The Production Shed and ACE. In the early summer Project_Vee will premier and then end of the summer I’m off to do a German variety for a couple of months.

Happy with the variation in work, but always looking for new projects, not sure what I will start in 2015 yet.

I have tickets for 4 X 4 which looks to be Gandini’s best work to date, I can’t wait. It’s premiering in the Mime Festival.

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