Arron SparksArron Juggling

Arron set out to avoid growing up and getting a real job. Using his wits, charm & skill with a Yo-Yo he managed to talk his way onto a degree course at The National Centre for Circus Arts, where he graduated as a juggler.

Since graduating in 2008 Arron has performed at multitude of events and venues across the globe, working as a solo artist, ensemble member and regular in the Gandini Juggling. More recently Arron has developed his own company – Circus Geeks. Arron has also dabbled in video making, app creation and blogging.

Arron loves sharing and discovering new ideas. Many of which are connected by his interest in Yo-Yo, juggling, circus, skateboarding, video making, technology, logical/rational/skeptical thinking and learning, marketing and performance.

Always interested in new projects, Arron earnestly checks his  e-mail. Constantly in search of something new to learn and audiences to share it with.


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